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Yeti Nano Mac Compatible USB Mic Review

The best-selling USB microphone for Mac recently got a face-lift and a bit of weight-loss surgery. The venerable Blue Yeti microphone has been a #1 selling mic for Apple using podcasters, streamers, well heck - anybody wanting a really high-quality desktop mic. But admit it; the original Yeti is a HEAVY and BULKY computer peripheral monster on your desktop. So Blue recently updated it to the more diminutive Yeti NANO featured below:

Blue Yeti Nano USB Mic For Mac

Dual-Pattern - Omni Directional and Cardiod Modes

Far less weighty and klunky than it's hulking cousin, the Blue Yeti Nano delivers silky-smooth audio recording response in a somewhat smaller, lighter footprint. Available in Gold, Onyx, Grey and Blue, there are four microphone color choices to suit your aesthetic taste. And it still features a built-in 1/8th inch analog headphone monitor jack for real-time listening as you record. It's also more affordable, saving you $20-30 or more over the cost of it's larger sibling.

There's a lighted, front mounted volume control and mute combo button on the front for easy access. A rear push button also allows you to switch between Omidirectional and Cardiod pattern modes when needed.