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Premium Mobile USB Microphone : Blue Raspberry Mic Review

Blue continues it's market-leading offerings with it's latest offering, the premium portable USB microphone; the Blue Raspberry. With both USB and Apple Lightning connectivity, it's a high-quality audio recording peripheral ideal for MacBook, iPhone or iPad tablet sound capture on the go or at your desktop.

Portable Premium Blue Raspberry Mic

USB and Lightning Support

Here's some key features in the mobile Blue Raspberry microphone review of note:
• High-quality mobile USB microphone for Skype, podcasting, live streaming, music and voice-over
• Blue mic's premium capsule circuitry for studio-quality, highly detailed sound
• An IAD Internal Acoustic Diffuser to focus vocalizations while minimizing ambient noise
• Onboard mic level, mute and headphone volume control for easy live monitoring
• 48kHz 24-bit resolution. Instant Plug-&-Play with Mac, iPhone, iPad or PC

Blue Tiki USB Dual-Mode Portable MacBook Mic Review

MacBook users on the go might find the Apple compatible Blue Tiki microphone to be an excellent choice for their music, podcast or voice recording needs on the road. The compact and highly portable Blue Tiki mic delivers far higher audio quality than your Apple laptop's internal microphone can ever hope to achieve.

Blue Tiki MacBook Mic

Portable Dual-Mode Condenser Element

Designed to plug directly into your MacBook Pro or Air's USB port, it's diminutive size makes it easy to take along in your MacBook sleeve or cases pocket while taking up very little space.

Samson Meteorite USB Condenser Mic Review

Looking for a compact, stylish and unobtrusive desktop microphone that's ideal for an Apple Mac mini or Macintosh Pro tower? Samson's golf-ball sized Meteorite USB condenser mic can be a great choice for Apple desktop computers that don't come with a built-in microphone.

Samson Meteorite USB Mic

Ideal For Mac mini or Mac Pro

14mm condenser microphone diaphragm
Pickup pattern: Cardioid
44.1/48kHz, 16-bit resolution
Flat, smooth frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz
USB bus powered - iPad compatible with USB Lightning Adapter
Chrome-plated body : White & Matte Black Editions Available
Removable magnetic base for optimal desktop positioning