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Who Makes Thunderbolt 3 Compatible USB-C Headsets?

USB-C Headsets For Thunderbolt3 Macs

Wondering which companies make USB-C headset with microphone peripherals for new Macs with Thunderbolt 3 ports? Because the new Type-C ports speak BOTH Thunderbolt and USB protocols, USB-C microphone headsets will supplant the older 1/8th inch 4-Pole analog microphone / speaker jack for audio device connectivity. Plantronics seems to be ahead of most competitors with a complete range of single and dual ear USB-C headsets in their Blackwire 32XX and 52XX series:

Plantronics USB-C Blackwire Stereo Headset

USB-C Dongle With Optional 1/8" Analog Use

USB audio isn't very demanding in general, and the notion of licensing an expensive Thunderbolt 3 chipset to put in a headset is ridiculous. So expect USB-C headsets supporting Thunderbolt 3 compatibility to be the way to go. There's a lot of USB-C earbuds with inline microphones on the market since a lot of smartphone companies are starting to use the universal Type-C connector.

USB-A To USB-C Mac Peripheral Adapter

For Legacy Devices On Thunderbolt 3 Macs

The rest of the market for larger, over-the-head style USB-C headphones and headsets with microphone is starting to take hold. But currently, the vast majority of Thunderbolt 3 compatible headsets with mic use the rectangular USB Type-A connection we're so familiar with. If you already own a USB-A style headset, a cheap USB-A to USB-C adapter is all you'll need to use it on a new Mac with Thunderbolt3 ports.