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Stylish Microphone Ideal For Mac mini, iMac, MacBook

Shopping for a Mac compatible USB desktop microphone that look's as good as it sounds? This stylish USB condenser mic can compliment the look of your Apple Mac mini, Mac Pro, iMac, or MacBook computer.

Great Looking USB Mic For Mac

Driver-Free MacOS Plug and Play

Tonor's sleek aluminum alloy desktop mic features a realtime 1/6" 3.5mm headphone / earbud jack for delay-free monitoring oof the microphone's signal. There's also a conveniently located front mounted volume control knob to adjust the volume of the input level of the mic as needed.

Mac and iPad Compatible USB-C Lavalier Microphones

USB-C Microphone For Mac or iPad Pro

Due to the wide adoption of USB-C audio in many new smartphones, we're starting to see a growing number of USB-C microphones, USB-C headsets and USB-C earbuds coming to market rather quickly. That makes them ideal candidates for use on recent Apple iPads and Macs / MacBooks which have either a Type-C Thunderbolt 3 / USB 3.1 compatible port.

Apple Compatible Movo USB-C Lavalier Mic

With Long Cable, Clip, Windscreen and Carry Case

Here's a few examples of Mac / iPad compatible USB-C lavalier clip-on mic ideal for podcasting, speech recognition, online conferencing or video recording sessions and interviews where a small, unobtrusive microphone is desired. It's optimized for accurate and voice production.

USB-C Lavalier Mic For Mac

Type-C Connection : Omnidirectional Condenser

Simply plug the Type-C lav mic into a modern MacBook, Mac mini or iMac computer with their USB-C compatible Thunderbolt 3 ports. They can also be used in the USB-C connector on one of the new(er) Apple iPads that now have a Type-C instead of a Lightning port , After setting your sound input device preferences, you're good to go!

Who Makes Thunderbolt 3 Compatible USB-C Headsets?

USB-C Headsets For Thunderbolt3 Macs

Wondering which companies make USB-C headset with microphone peripherals for new Macs with Thunderbolt 3 ports? Because the new Type-C ports speak BOTH Thunderbolt and USB protocols, USB-C microphone headsets will supplant the older 1/8th inch 4-Pole analog microphone / speaker jack for audio device connectivity. Plantronics seems to be ahead of most competitors with a complete range of single and dual ear USB-C headsets in their Blackwire 32XX and 52XX series:

Plantronics USB-C Blackwire Stereo Headset

USB-C Dongle With Optional 1/8" Analog Use

USB audio isn't very demanding in general, and the notion of licensing an expensive Thunderbolt 3 chipset to put in a headset is ridiculous. So expect USB-C headsets supporting Thunderbolt 3 compatibility to be the way to go. There's a lot of USB-C earbuds with inline microphones on the market since a lot of smartphone companies are starting to use the universal Type-C connector.

USB-A To USB-C Mac Peripheral Adapter

For Legacy Devices On Thunderbolt 3 Macs

The rest of the market for larger, over-the-head style USB-C headphones and headsets with microphone is starting to take hold. But currently, the vast majority of Thunderbolt 3 compatible headsets with mic use the rectangular USB Type-A connection we're so familiar with. If you already own a USB-A style headset, a cheap USB-A to USB-C adapter is all you'll need to use it on a new Mac with Thunderbolt3 ports.

Yeti Nano Mac Compatible USB Mic Review

The best-selling USB microphone for Mac recently got a face-lift and a bit of weight-loss surgery. The venerable Blue Yeti microphone has been a #1 selling mic for Apple using podcasters, streamers, well heck - anybody wanting a really high-quality desktop mic. But admit it; the original Yeti is a HEAVY and BULKY computer peripheral monster on your desktop. So Blue recently updated it to the more diminutive Yeti NANO featured below:

Blue Yeti Nano USB Mic For Mac

Dual-Pattern - Omni Directional and Cardiod Modes

Far less weighty and klunky than it's hulking cousin, the Blue Yeti Nano delivers silky-smooth audio recording response in a somewhat smaller, lighter footprint. Available in Gold, Onyx, Grey and Blue, there are four microphone color choices to suit your aesthetic taste. And it still features a built-in 1/8th inch analog headphone monitor jack for real-time listening as you record. It's also more affordable, saving you $20-30 or more over the cost of it's larger sibling.

There's a lighted, front mounted volume control and mute combo button on the front for easy access. A rear push button also allows you to switch between Omidirectional and Cardiod pattern modes when needed.

Cheap Desktop USB Conferencing Microphones For Mac

As with many other Apple friendly computer peripherals, we're seeing highly competitive pricing from overseas putting pressure on the top-tier brand names and their premium priced Mac compatible group video and voice microphone products. Companies like Jabra, iPevo, Plantronics have long dominated the table-top conference microphone for business scene - along with other audio studio brands like MXL, Samson and others.

MXL AC-424 Executive Web Conferencing Microphone

Tri-Capsule Mic Array with LED Mute

For often a third the price of a premium mic like MXL's shown above, OEM manufacturers in the far east are widely selling Mac compatible cheap desktop USB conferencing microphones for MacOS users that contain sensitive, high-quality condenser mic capsules at far cheaper prices. You'll often see the same OEM hardware sold under ever-changing 'no-name' brand names: same components, different branding and packaging.

CMTECK Desktop Cheap Business Conference Microphone

Dual Noise Cancelling Mics with LED Mute Switch

As shown above, we have two fairly comparable USB conferencing mics with plug and play Mac OSX compatibility, similar styling and performance - with one at a far, far cheaper price. This is just one example of the split occurring across the Mac compatible microphone market. Premium mic brands are under tremendous pricing pressure from 2nd-tier knockoffs.

Apple Compatible Analog USB Audio Adapter Dongle Recommendations

Here's a sampling of Mac compatible recommended USB sound card adapters for analog microphone or headset use. These are low-cost analog 'DAC' devices that convert between analog and digital audio signals. For MacBook, iMac or Mac mini/Pro users they can be handy for connecting particular microphones or mic headsets. They might also be useful if for whatever reasons your Mac's internal audio circuitry has failed and you need an alternate way of getting sound into and out of your Mac affordably.

TS/TRS vs TRRS Analog Audio Adapters

Currenty, there's two dominant approaches to the kind of 1/8th inch / 3.5mm plugs that Apple-friendly USB audio dongles accept. For many years, particularly in the Windows PC world, computers featured SEPARATE microphone and speaker / headset connections. In general the microphone is mono and the headphone/speaker jack stereo. As such you'll find many Apple compatible USB audio adapter dongles that support two-jack style devices.

Two-Jack TS / TRS USB Sound Adapters

Those with separate jacks are ideal for older 2-plug mic headsets or mono microphones. The mic is a 2-conductor 1./8th inch (mono) plug and the headphone a 1/8th inch 3 conductor (stereo) plug.

Dual Jack Mac USB Audio Adapter

Separate Microphone Input - Stereo Output

One-Jack 4-Pole TRRS USB Sound Adapters

More recently, since around 2010 and the rise of the smartphone and iPhone - audio in and out have been consolidated into a SINGLE 4-Conductor 'TRRS' type of plug that can handle both a monophonic microphone input and stereo audio playback to earbuds or headphones. These USB soundcard DACs have a single input jack on them to handle both mono audio in and stereo audio out. Those with a single jack are more appropriate for more modern 4-pole headphone with mic type of use.

4-Pole TRRS USB Mac Audio Adapter

For 1-Plug Mic Headsets or Earbuds

Note that the above featured products are USB audio DACs that attach via a short USB cable. These may be a far better choice - especially on Apple MacBook Pro or Air laptops where a more common dongle 'block' would literally block the adjacent USB ports nearby.

Combo USB Audio Adapter Hubs

Need to conserve USB ports? This MacOS friendly device combines a 3-port USB 3.0 high-speed hub AND a dual-input microphone / headset adapter into one device.

3-Port USB 3.0 Hub With 2-Jack Audio Adapter

TR Mono Mic + TRS Stereo Headset + Hub

Turtle Beach Multi-Pattern Mac Compatibile USB Stream Mic

Whether you're wanting a microphone for Mac speech recognition, podcasting, live streaming, voice or musical instrument recording, Turtle Beach offers an affordable and Mac friendly USB recording mic that's comfortable on your desktop and also optionally supports boom microphone arm mounts.

Turtle Beach USB Mic For Mac

Multiple Mic Patterns + Headphone Monitoring

Once connected to your Mac computer via USB, the Turtle Beach Stream microphone offers up to 6 different mic pattern modes can be set with the press and or hold of a button to control directionality of the condenser microphone's pickup pattern. A colored LED ring around the mic's front-facing mute button indicates which pattern is selected. The microphone can be set to front, front and rear, or omnidirectional front, side and rear pickup depending on whether you're using it solo -- or with other people in the room.

Turtle Beach's Mac compatible USB Stream Mic also has a standard 1/8" 3.5mm stereo headphone jack for real-time audio passthrough monitoring which has it's own volume adjustment thumbwheel at the rear of the microphone. All of this is housed in an elegant, stylish and compact design that will look great with your Apple computer setup

Premium Mobile USB Microphone : Blue Raspberry Mic Review

Blue continues it's market-leading offerings with it's latest offering, the premium portable USB microphone; the Blue Raspberry. With both USB and Apple Lightning connectivity, it's a high-quality audio recording peripheral ideal for MacBook, iPhone or iPad tablet sound capture on the go or at your desktop.

Portable Premium Blue Raspberry Mic

USB and Lightning Support

Here's some key features in the mobile Blue Raspberry microphone review of note:
• High-quality mobile USB microphone for Skype, podcasting, live streaming, music and voice-over
• Blue mic's premium capsule circuitry for studio-quality, highly detailed sound
• An IAD Internal Acoustic Diffuser to focus vocalizations while minimizing ambient noise
• Onboard mic level, mute and headphone volume control for easy live monitoring
• 48kHz 24-bit resolution. Instant Plug-&-Play with Mac, iPhone, iPad or PC

Go Mic Connect - Mac Compatible Beam Forming Microphone

USB Microphone with Focused Pattern Technology
The Go Mic Connect is Samson's newest portable USB stereo microphone. It's a highly advanced audio recording solution for Apple computer recording, as well as Mac Skype, VOIP, conferencing and Mac OSX speech recognition.

Dual-Element USB Condenser Microphone

Focused Capture With Peripheral Noise Supression

It's somewhat unusual design is much like a webcam, the Go Mic is a compact oblong device with 2 front facing condenser mic elements. Below is a folding clip to position it atop a MacBook's lid or an LCD desktop display for optimal center positioning. On the rear is a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack for realtime audio monitoring. Atop the mic is a mute button. There's a LED behind the front metal microphone grille to indicate mute status as well as turning RED as a peak level warning indicator.

By combining Active Noise Cancellation and Focused Pattern Technology, the Go Mic Connect generates a targeted pickup pattern which focuses the mic’s sound-field toward the preferred source. This helps to ensure that cleaner, high-qaulity audio is delivered to your Mac's computer applications.

• Pattern: Omnidirectional Polar
• Mic Capsule: Dual 10mm Condenser Capsules
• Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz
• Sample Rate: 44.1kHz - 48kHz
• Bit Rate: 16 Bits
• USB Power Requirements: 50Milliamps at 5V
• Color:s Available: Black or Silver
• USB Cable and Protective Pouch Included
• Windows and MacOS compatible: No driver required
• Digital Noise Reduction: Software Filter Algorithm

At the core of the Mac compatible Go Mic Connect is a advanced, unique version of the Samson Sound Deck software. The software’s Focused Pattern Technology allows the focus array to be positioned, as well as toggled on and off. Once set, all sound that originates outside the focus area is significantly reduced, making the Go Mic Connect ideal for business communications and mobile recording. Sound Deck’s Active Noise Cancellation improves intelligibility of the audio heard through VoIP communication, while the Echo Erase feature reduces echo or feedback caused by monitoring audio with speakers during recording.

Go Mic Connect features a custom, compact design that clips to the top of your laptop or computer monitor, as well as internally shock-mounted dual microphone capsules and a headphone output for zero-latency monitoring. Go Mic Connect combines studio-quality sound and “next-level” technology for exceptional audio via Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts and more.

• Portable USB stereo microphone
• Compact design clips atop your laptop or computer monitor
• Zero-latency headphone monitor output
• On-board mute switch
• Focus Pattern Technology aligns the microphone’s peak sensitivity with a desired sound source
• Active Noise Cancellation eliminates background noise for clearer communications
• Echo Erase (Windows only) minimizes feedback caused by computer speakers
• Compatible with VoIP, DAW, Chat and Speech Recognition software
• Ideal for FaceTime, YouTube, Hangouts, Skype and other conferencing platforms

Download and install the Mac OSX version of Samson Sound Deck software app from

CAD Large Capsule USB Condenser Microphone For Mac

Shopping for a great sounding, large capsule condenser mic for your Mac audio recording needs? Fo under 50 bucks, CAD's GXL2400 shock-mount USB microphone delivers smooth and sensitive sound capture at a great price!

CAD USB Microphone For MacOS

With Desktop Tripod and Shock Mount

• Microphone features a 1" Aoedein capsule which delivers studio fidelity
• Includes a quality shock mount, desktop tripod stand, and USB cable
• Windows and MacOS compatible - No driver installation required
• Perfect for voiceovers, vocals and music recording, podcasting, Skype
• Full-Range frequency response : 20Hz - 18kHz
• Backed by a full 1 year limited warranty