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The classic Neumann U87 vocal and voice over studio microphone sets the standard for the ultimate in tonal clarity, warmth and detailed sound. It's the premium voice-over mic to die for, though the price for this multi-pattern cardioid mic is beyond the reach of many.

The Heil Dynamic microphone is an exceptionally good dynamic studio mic. Though not a condenser type microphone, its sturdy, durable and superb for most song recording and sound studio use at a tenth of the price of a Neumann U87.

Manley Microphone For Mac

$500 - and far less than the U87, the high-quality Manley Reference Cardioid microphone, made in Southern California USA is a spectacular performer. Many voice-over and radio broadcast professionals prefer this microphone's warmth and clarity over other microphone options in this class.

The 5 Major Types Of Microphone Technology

The first electridal microphones that were invented occured in the process of inventing the telephone, a fact that's overlooked by many individuals but evident when you believe about it. Because then, microphones have actually come to be used in all manner of technology, from making records to performing live music, from dictaphones to desktop computers.

Many gadgets such as digital voice and tape recorders, webcams and handheld HD video cameras - and most Apple MacBook laptop and iMac computer systems (as well as Apple Cinema Displays) have built-in microphones of some sort. The two exceptions are the Apple Mac mini and Mac Pro cylinder and tower desktops which lack an internal mic. Other devices need external microphones, and even things with integrated mics typically produce inferior-quality sound compared to when a high-quality external mic is utilized.

There are five basic kinds of microphones, each using a various technology innovations:
  • Carbon Microphones: The first type of microphone used carbon dust and small diaphragms to transform acoustic waves into electrical signals.
  • Crystal Microphones: Make use of the distinct electrical properties of some crystals.
  • Dynamic Microphones: Use magnets and coils to detect movement of a diaphragm.
  • Ribbon Microphones: Use thin ribbons suspended in electromagnetic fields.
  • Condenser Microphones: Function as capacitors, commonly requiring a battery to produce voltage.
When it comes to personal computers, microphones can be handy for particular applications, though many users don't consider them a requirement for everyday computer use. Some people use their computers as miniature recording studios and thus require microphones to record their voices and musical instruments.

Microphones differ commonly in cost and quality. Musicians and professionals typically speak passionately about the brands and types of microphones they choose, understanding their distinctions inside and out and how they uniquely perform for spoken word, vocals, and certain types of musical instruments in the recording studio.

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