6 Great Portable USB Microphones For MacBook Recording

Portable Microphones For MacBooks

Portable USB Microphones For MacBook Air And Pro

Need high-quality MacBook audio capture on the road? For casual everyday use, many Apple MacBook Pro or Air owners might feel that the included microphone located beside or buried under the keyboard surface of their notebook might be decent enough for their audio capture and recording needs.

Dual-Element USB Condenser Microphone

Focused Capture With Noise Cancellation

However, if one were to connect a dedicated, external USB condenser mic of nearly any sort and evaluated the sound capture quality by switching between each microphone's playback, you'd instantly realize the mic Apple provides in it's MacBook laptops to be decidedly lacking. It isn't just about the quality of the microphone hardware that Apple uses, which is 'good enough' for many. But being internally mounted, they're also more prone to pick up on any internal computer cooling fan noise, keyboard presses or sounds from one's hands on the MacBook's surface as you move across the trackpad, click, or type. An external, portable mic delivers far clearer, full-frequency audio response.

External Microphones For MacBook Pro And Air

Here are a couple of highly-recommended portable, small and compact USB microphones for MacBook Pro and Air notebooks. They're ideal for Apple laptop sound recording on the road:

1. Blue Tiki Compact USB Condenser Mic

Dual Audio Capture Modes

2. Samson Go Mic Portable USB Microphone

Cardiod And Omni Polar Patterns

3. Blue Snowflake USB Condenser Microphone

Folds Flat For Travel

4. Samson Go Mic Direct Microphone For MacBook

Tiny Pivoting Condenser Element

5. CAD Audio Mini Condenser Travel Mic - Omnidirectional Pattern

Ultra-Compact Direct USB Connect

6. Samson Meteorite Ball Microphone

Integrated USB Cable

USB Portable Mics For MacBooks

Above are six of our chosen external USB portable microphone hardware recommendations for MacBook Air or Pro users. They make great travel companions for mobile computing sound recording needs and can take your speech recognition and dictation sessions to a much higher level of accuracy. A quality external mic can also noticeably improve your podcasts on the road, and take your vocal and music audio recordings to a more highly-polished and professional level of quality while traveling.

Direct Connect vs USB Cable Connections

Some of these mics simply plug directly into an available USB port on your MacBook. For Apple users needing more flexible positioning or more pristine audio capture and sound recording needs on their Apple MacBook Air or Pro notebook, one can alternately connect any number of external USB handheld or desktop microphones to take your sound capture quality and frequency response to a higher level. You might also consider the use of an A/B USB extension cable if you need more versatility in microphone placement since most travel mics plug directly into the USB port on the side of your Apple laptop.

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