The Best Recording Microphones For Mac Mini

Microphones For Mac Mini Sound Recording

Best Microphone For Mac mini?

An Apple compatible external microphone for Mac mini desktop computers is often a high priority for Macintosh users. Beside the Mac Pro tower system, the mini Mac is the only other Apple computer which doesn't include an internal microphone for basic sound recording needs. Of all Apple computer buyers, they're most likely to be shopping for a quality Mac mini microphone or other external Mac audio peripherals and accessories.

Apple doesn't include an internal audio recording microphone in the Mac mini, nor does it include an external monitor, a mouse or even a keyboard in the box. For PC switchers, the Mac mini at least allows you to you leverage some of your existing computer accessories that you might already own. For others, you're free to build your Mac mini setup with the precise microphone and other computer peripherals that you prefer.

Depending on your audio, music and voice recording needs, you have four basic options to guide a Mac mini mic purchase:

USB Desktop Microphones For Mac mini

A digital USB desktop microphone is ideal for podcasting, music, voice, or audio recording on your Mac mini.

Stylish Condenser Mic For Mac Mini

Complimentary Aluminum Microphone

Stereo USB Mac Mini Microphone

For Mounting Atop LCD Display

Samson Desktop USB Mic

Built-In Tripod Stand

Premium Mac USB microphones are best for podcasters, musicians and singers with more demanding Mac sound recording microphone needs.

USB Webcams With Mics

A Mac mini compatible webcam with microphone can serve the dual functions of both audio and video capture.

Stereo Microphone Webcam
Webcam With Stereo Mic For Mac Mini
Premium Mac Web Camera

For many, a Mac webcam with mic is the smartest choice, especially if you buy a high-quality HD web camera that includes built-in stereo microphones. Higher-end HD webcams from, say, Logitech in the $50-$100 range are more likely to have higher quality internal mics as well as providing a superior lens and image sensor over cheaper web cameras.

USB Mic Headsets For Mac mini

If you're fond of online chat, FaceTime, Skype, or using Apple Dictation for speech recognition and speech to text translation, choosing a headset with microphone for Mac mini is the best option. The close proximity of the mic to your mouth helps assure clear diction and minimization of unwanted background noise.

Univeral Apple Microphone Headset

4-Pole Analog or USB Connection

A Mac mini compatible USB headset also gives you the option of private audio and stereo music enjoyment without disturbing others. Look for headsets with boom microphones that mute and bend or flip up and out of the way when not needed. There's also descreet USB earbud headphones with in-line mic without the weight or bulk of a full-size headset.

Analog Mics For Mac Mini

For less demanding everyday needs, a Four-Pole, TRRS Analog 1/8" (3.5mm) microphone or earbud headset with mic like those that are used on iPhones and iPads may suffice. Shopping for these are a bit complicated depending on the age of your Mac mini and model number: On much older Mac's, Apple used UN-amplified "Line Level" electronic output specs which Windows PC's didn't. PC's have separate Mic/Speaker jacks and on the Macintosh they're on a single jack. So many cheap and affordable 1/8" plug analog PC microphones WITH TWO PLUGS SIMPLY DO NOT WORK on a Mac because they don't deliver a strong enough electrical voltage to work. This changed in more recent Mac's to the "Microphone Level" output voltage so that many Apple-specific earbud & headphone microphones built into the 4-Pole cable are now Macintosh (and iPhone / iPad / iPod touch) compatible.

For all of the above Mac mini compatible microphone options, I recommend a USB microphone or headset over those that might use Apple's 1/8" analog audio connection. USB headsets and mics are simple to connect and very straightforward to use and set up in Apple's System Preferences. They also provide the clean, digital audio signal that USB provides that's more resistant to nearby devices causing electrical interference or hum.

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