Conference Microphones For Mac : USB Conferencing Mics

Conference Room Microphones for Mac

Mac Conference Microphones

Listed below are some affordable Apple compatible conference table microphone solutions. Most are Plug and Play USB that need no Mac OSX drivers and can be configured in a Mac's system Sound preferences pane in seconds.

Conference Table Speakerphones

These Mac-friendly USB conference room mics or speakerphone combo units are ideal for personal or group voice and business video conferences, or as a conferencing mic for Skype audio sessions.

Plantronics Calisto Meeting Mic

Convienient Call Management Buttons

Above, Plantronics delivers our top recommendation for an Apple compatible personal business meeting mic. Easy access onboard buttons make initiating, managing and terminating a call simple.

ClearOne USB SpeakerPhone

Long-Range Noise/Echo Cancellation

Combo Webcam + Speakerphone

Here's an affordable teleconferencing solution that combines speakerphone functions as well as a HD web camera to handle small group sessions in a single device.

Voice and Video Conference

Quality Speakerphone and HD Camera

Logitech's BCC950 videoconferencing webcam with noise cancelling mics and speakerphone functions is a quality product ideal for small business or departmental communications. The base which also supports a full PTZ - pan, tilt and zoom HD webcam has a built in quality speaker and noise cancelling microphones. Control buttons on the base are supplemented by optional use of the included remote.

Top Quality Meeting and Conferencing Speaker-Phone Microphones

Quite a few high-end meeting room conferencing speakerphone solutions exist. Some are exceptionally good for omnidrectional meeting table use and have highly effective noise cancellation. Some are premium priced for corporate environments, but a new wave of 2nd-tier downright cheap conference gear from lesser-known brands are delivering affordable, quality voice communications for budget-minded buyers.

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