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Listed below are some affordable Apple compatible conference table microphone solutions. Most are Plug and Play USB that need no Mac OSX drivers and can be configured in a Mac's system Sound preferences pane in seconds.

These USB conference room mics or speakerphone combo units are ideal for personal or group voice and video conferences, or as a conferencing mic for Skype audio sessions.
USB Conference MicChat 50 Mac SpeakerphoneUSB Conference Microphone
CAD U7 USB Condenser Mic

Omnidirectional Conferencing Microphone
ClearOne USB SpeakerPhone

Long-Range Noise/Echo Cancellation
MXL USB Conference Mic

High-Quality Conference Recording

Top Quality Meeting and Conferencing Speaker-Phone Microphones

Some serious, high-end meeting room conferencing solutions exist. Some are exceptionally good for noise cancellation and omnidrectional meeting table use - and priced for corporate environments. Yahmaha offers Apple suppored USB conference room mic solutions across the spectrum, here's one of their lower-cost speakerphones for Mac OSX Leopard and higher.

USB Mac SpeakerphoneMac Webcam + SpeakerphoneUSB Speaker + Microphone
Yamaha ProjectPhone Speaker-Mic

Adaptive Noise Cancellation
Voice and Video Conference

Quality Speakerphone and HD Camera
Creative Labs Speaker/Mic

Voice Command Control

Yahmaha's most affordable (yet pricey) Mac compatible Conference Speakerphone features a 4 microphone noise-cancelling mic array atop and built-in speaker on the front. Onboard controls for volume level and mute are along the side. A font Mute LED indicates when you're in privacy mode. The Quick-Start guide for Mac indicates NO drivers are needed, The ProjectPhone PJP-10UR is set-up thru System preferences Audio In/Out. It lists OSX Leopard 10.5+ and an Intel CPU Mac as the minimum system requirements.

Logitech's BCC950 Videoconferencing webcam with noise cancelling mics and speakerphone functions is a quality product ideal for small business or departmental communications. The base which also supports a full pan and zoom webcam has a built in quality speaker and noise cancelling microphones. Control buttons on the base are supplimented by optional use of the included remote.

Creative Labs innovative SoundBlaster AXX SBX-8 delivers a very high-quality USB speaker and microphone combination. It's control software for Mac (or PC) lets you use voice commands to control it. Great for handsfree phone conferencing over the internet using Skype or other video chat programs.

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