USB-C Microphones For Mac Audio Recording

Apple Compatible USB-C Mics

USB-C Interface Mac Microphone

We're seeing an emerging type of Mac compatible USB-C microphone for audio recording featuring native USB-C interfaces on the market. Apple computer users shopping for a mic for their Type-C Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C enabled MacBook, iMac, Mac Studio, Pro or mini can now directly connect using Type-C cabling end-to-end if desired.

AKG Condenser USB-C Microphone For Mac

Quad Capsule, Four Capture Patterns

AKG's Lyra USB-C condenser microphone features 24-bit/192kHz high-resolution Ultra-HD audio. The adaptive quad capsule stereo mic array provides 4 switch selectable capture modes. Universal Apple compatibility via its plug & play setup supports Mac as well as PC's, iOS and Android. Mix Controls & Headphone Output offers zero latency monitoring with control over output volume, mute & mic gain. Versatile mounting is via the integrated desktop stand or by mounting to a standard mic or boom stand. Lastly, the stylish retro-modern design has a vintage appeal.

Other USB-C Microphone Products

Audio Technica is switching over to USB-C with a revision to it's popular podcast and streaming microphone; the ATR2500x series.

Audio Technica USB-C Mic

Microphone With Type-C Connection

With the adoption of USB-C on many cell phones and tablets (as well as new computers) we're seeing more and more devices moving toward the Type-C connector. Quite a few earbuds with inline mics, external headsets and other USB-C peripherals are now available adopting this unifying, modern connectivity standard.

USB-C Lavalier Microphone

For Newer Macs, iPad Pro, Etc.

Convert USB A Mic To USB-C Via Adapter

Of course with the proper cable or adapter, you can make an existing Type-A USB microphone USB-C compatible with a low-cost cable or adapter. Some mics have a square-ish USB-B socket (like many printers have) or a smaller micro-USB type socket at the base of the mic. Others convert a native XLR connector to USB, or have cables that are hard-wired to the microphone. It varies quite a bit.

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