Headsets For Mac Dictation And Apple Speech Recognition

Apple Compatible Microphone Headsets

Headsets With Microphone For Mac

An Appple compatible Analog or Digital USB headset with a built-in mic is a great solution for accurate speech recognition and dictation, voice and video conferencing, or gaming sessions on a Mac computer.

Especially if you own one of Apple's desktop computers like the Mac mini or Mac Pro towers, you'll want an external Mac compatible headset or desktop microphone. These two Apple desktop models do not include a built-in microphone of any sort. All Mac compatible headsets implicitly include a microphone. In fact, the presence of a mic is what technically distinguishes a 'Head-SET' from mic-less 'Head-PHONES'.

USB Mac Headsets

For instant, driverless plug and play Apple compatibility, explore these USB connected headsets.
Lightweight HeadsetUniversal HeadsetBest-Selling Head-Set
Premium USB Headset

Call Control Remote
Stereo Headset

USB & 4-Pole Connector
Noise Reduction Mic

On-Ear Controls

Quality OSX Dictation Headset Microphones

Once you move out of the budget range of headsets, manufacturers strive to meet the discriminating needs of audiophile input quality and accurate and extended frequency response for speech recognition, audio recording, monitoring, music mixing and listening. The above featured Mac compatible high-quality headsets better meet the needs of Prosumers and Professional audio engineers - as well as for use dictating speech with Apple's Dictation software built into OSX. In the mid to upper price range you'll find much better microphone sensitivity, wider frequency response range, and improved noise cancellation resulting in less background hiss and noise.

Wireless Headsets For Voice Recognition On A Mac

RF WirelessCombo WirelessRF Wireless
Plantronics Headset

With RF Transciever
Logitech Headset

RF + Bluetooth
Andrea Headset

Fold-Flat Design

It's only recently we've begun listing Bluetooth headsets for voice dictation and speech recognition on a Mac. One reason for this is Bluetooth headsets MIGHT be less than optimal for dication needs. Some factors that make Bluetooth microphones sub-optimal is the prospect of RF and electrial signal interference, the limited, short range of reliable Bluetooth transmission and reception, and the compression-heavy CODECS (COmpressor / DECompressor) algos used in the limited bandwith of a wireless Bluetooth connection. You MIGHT find a Bluetooth headset with mic that you currently own might work okay for speech recognition - or not. A standalone analog or digital desktop microphone or USB headset can provide UNCOMPRESSED microphone audio that is far more suitible for accurate dictation results.

Microphones For Mac Speech Recognition Using Apple Dictation

Apple included natural language speech recognition Dictation with it's more recent versions of its operating system. The ability to do SPEECH TO TEXT translation is a new feature of OS X Yosemite, Mountain Lion, and Mavericks and MacOS Sierra and Catalina. It supplements existing Apple VoiceOver accessibility, text to speech, and voice command navigation functions which have been present in OSX's System Preferences > Speech pane for some time. Previously, other 3rd-party programs such as Dragon Dictate, MacSpeech or IBM's ViaVoice were needed to perform this function. In-built Dictation software for the Macintosh opens up a huge realm of possibilites for content creation. It's integration into Mac OS means literally any program that handles text input can be switched to dictation mode, and you can say what you want to type, blog, Tweet, post to FaceBook, annotate and more!

Mac Speech To Text Dictation

A clue to how significant OSX Dictation Software is likely to become for Mac speech to text functions might be indicated by the latest beamforming microphone technology introduced in recent iteration iterations of the Retina Display MacBook Pro. The use of an angled, dual microphone array in the Mac laptop is designed to focus the microphone's attention directly at the speaker's position and precisely hone-in on your distance. This noise reduction microphone technology will help filter out all extraneous ambient and background noises and insure the accuracy of OSX speech recognition commands and Text to Speech Dictation services.

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